Sunday, 27 January 2019


FEHM by Steve White

Admittedly its a bit of a risk to put on an event that mixes styles, audiences and genres.Thats especially so these days. As unfortunately, in our opinion, its become the norm for other events to standardise their bill, operate within restrictive parameters and rely on digital sponsored ads as opposed to legwork, local partnering, engaging directly with an audience, printing paper tickets and inking up hand stamps. Not so with the kind of pan-genre cultural carousel of event we here at Imagination Engine favour.

So its with a happy heart and smiling soul we’re able to say that last nights launch event was an absolute blinder. A lot of cool peoples, bands, friends and fans, both old and new, made it more than we at the label could have hoped for and that it was just what all of us needed to see off January in a suitably dismissive and celebratory style. Huge thanks to DannyMattFEHMHOLY BrailleFlies on youWestgarth Social Club fam, Mel Butler PhotographySteve and David and all of the crowd for making the event a most satisfying cultural happening indeed

Here are some select shots for your viewing pleasure and check our Facebook [HERE] and Instagram [HERE] socials for more:

HOLY BRAILLE by Steve White 

HOLY BRAILLE by Steve White 

FLIES ON YOU by  Mel Butler 

FLIES ON YOU by Dave Roberts

FEHM by Steve White

FEHM by Mel Butler

FEHM by Dave Roberts 

 We’ll be posting some more photos from the event throughout the coming week. Please let us know if you have selfies and mobile snaps as there was a big crowd at the event. Tag us in or msg them to the labels Facebook &/or Instagram pages. As we we would love to show others how much you all enjoyed the party and at the end of the doo, it is about you the audience, for whom we have and show much love.

What more can we say other than thanks again for making it a really special vibe and a memorable night too. Lets do it all again soon.

Monday 11th February | Imagination Engine presents.. @ Westgarth Social Club
Surfbort | Onlooker @ Westgarth S.C
FB Event Page |
Online TKTS |
Paper TKTS Guru Boutique | Sound It Out Records | Westgarth Social Club  

Saturday 30th March | Imagination Engine presents.. @Westgarth Social Club

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