Friday, 3 August 2018

Artist Spotlight #12: Sorry Escalator

Good evening mindblowers, our label curated party at The Green Room is tomorrow. We can’t wait for you to see the bands perform live, DJ’s to play tunes you already love and new tunes for you to love too. The party plays host to all of the fantastic acts we’ve covered in this artist spotlight series so far. This last edition features our headliners for the event, Sorry Escalator. The new line up will be playing a couple of classic tunes from their debut EP and the AA side single out on the label last year.  A first chance to see the band live this year is also an exclusive opportunity to hear their new material too.

The Middlesbrough based bands unruly shoegaze makes for an elevating experience. Teesside tension infuses the powerful sound of the guitar led noise pop. As the band strike a delicate balance between sumptuous dreamy melody and subtle satirical lyrics with riotous distorted reverberation and an alt-indie rock voracity. Visceral on stage performance is a trademark of the band and epitomises their nature as agent provocateurs.

We’re really excited to have the band perform and that they’re unleashing new material at the event too. Find out more about Sorry Escalator on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Bandcamp

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