Friday, 3 August 2018

Artist Spotlight #12: Sorry Escalator

Good evening mindblowers, our label curated party at The Green Room is tomorrow. We can’t wait for you to see the bands perform live, DJ’s to play tunes you already love and new tunes for you to love too. The party plays host to all of the fantastic acts we’ve covered in this artist spotlight series so far. This last edition features our headliners for the event, Sorry Escalator. The new line up will be playing a couple of classic tunes from their debut EP and the AA side single out on the label last year.  A first chance to see the band live this year is also an exclusive opportunity to hear their new material too.

The Middlesbrough based bands unruly shoegaze makes for an elevating experience. Teesside tension infuses the powerful sound of the guitar led noise pop. As the band strike a delicate balance between sumptuous dreamy melody and subtle satirical lyrics with riotous distorted reverberation and an alt-indie rock voracity. Visceral on stage performance is a trademark of the band and epitomises their nature as agent provocateurs.

We’re really excited to have the band perform and that they’re unleashing new material at the event too. Find out more about Sorry Escalator on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Bandcamp


The weekend is upon us culture lovers. The Stockton International Riverside Festival 2018 comes to life and the program of events running alongside offers a suitably celebratory array of outstanding musical talent. We send love and positive vibrations to all the performers, publishers, promoters and  partners making it all happen. We look forward to entertaining you all weekend long. At the free extravaganza of music and wonder presented by Tees Music Alliance at The Georgian Theatre and Imagination Engine at The Green Room Stockton.

We’ve NE Volume opening the show for us tomorrow. Thanks to all at NE Volume for this mixtape from them to get you in the right mood. #Local #Talent #Tunage #UTV

Stream the playlist from this link:

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Artist Spotlight #11: ILSER

Our penultimate edition of this series features a band with a penchant for confrontational riffs. One of the hardest working bands in show business & nationally renowned for it. Our spotlight tonight shines on Newcastle based ILSER. Since their debut EP release only a couple of years back, the bands unrelenting drive to gig live has seen them cover the length and breadth of the country . Demand from audiences to experience their live shows is understandably unwavering. We’re well chuffed they’ve made time to come and play for us all at The Green Room party on Saturday (04/08@20:30).


ILSER’s is a loud, raw forged, melody driven, wall of sound. Lyrically ethereal, whimsical and sardonic.The bands social observations are translated into punchy punk poetry with added swagger. Their music powerful, energy imbued, emits emotive vibration with the potency to mind melt the faces in the crowd. Their LIVE experience is a Seattleitian Grunge, Echo Park Indie Rock with a nu-skool twist soundclash. A performance that when witnessed at close proximity, in the intimate surroundings of The Green Room, is sure to break you from the tranquility of any Siamese Dream. Grip you by your rockstraps, pluck you from the Dirt and So Elated, boot you into the Superunknown.

Quite a holiday you’ll agree…..      

Lead single 'Plastic' is on our daily playlist here at the nerve centre, check it out below and stream the bonus tracks from the bands Spotify. Catch the band live at the show on the night, on stage @ 20:30 & find out more about ILSER on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Instagram.

If you don’t know about ILSER by now get to know!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Artist Spotlight #10: The Golden Age of Nothing

As we approach the climax of our artist spotlight series. We reach the final few bands who it is our privilege to have performing at the Green Room party. So…… here we go culture lovers….

In at number three it’s The Golden Age of Nothing. A homegrown band looking forward to entertaining the home crowd in their hypnotic, evocative and theatrical style. They are most definitely a group who stimulate the imagination. Their songs engage in esoteric and existential themes. Yet are sung in such a way as to simultaneously provoke critical philosophical consideration and soothe the mind by way of melancholic mantra.

The Golden Age of Nothing are minimalist, moderately macabre and utterly captivating. The live shows, collaborative performances that are an invitation to immerse in and experience the bands character filled world. A folk psychedelia induced trance, a dream like state if you will. One rippled by undulating waves of delay trail and echoed reverberation. Leading basslines defined against hypnotic guitar licks and anthemic orchestral string atmospherics. All compound in a concentrate of cultural influences. Creating a cinematic score like steampunk sound, a neo-gothic retro futurism. Crikey, I was getting carried away there, sleepwalking in the mind, lost in Space, again.

We think you’ll agree that The Golden Age of Nothing, on stage on the night at 21:30, are perfectly placed to propel the event to the next level. Find out more about the band on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, YouTube and Online.