Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Artist Spotlight: Lhymes

Lhymes have been hitting the road hard this season. A frenzy of summer festivals and selected shows has seen them storm the Tracks stage at The Festival of Ingenuity transmogrify through Evolution Emerging and the band are now looking forward to our party on the 4th of August, and ahead, to headlining the The 02 Academy Newcastle for Subwaves Studios 

Described in the local press who are taking a close interest in the band as alternative modern psychedelia. Lhymes music is a luscious, rich swathe spanning the full spectrum of the genre. Their most recent material hits peaks that sparkle in the mind, as if dawn breaking sunlight illuminated drops of spring rain. Distorted blues edged guitars and Zepplin-esque percussion burrow down to deeper fuzz forming of a powerful jungle trip swamp rock sound. Which is perhaps why theyre often found photographed hip deep in rivers.   

Listen to glistening new track Lhymes - Looks Like Rain Find out more about Lhymes on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

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