Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Artist Spotlight #9: Sound It Out Records

We’re only a few days away now from our party at The Green Room on Saturday 4th August. So far in the Artist Spotlight series we’ve covered those bands, publishers and promoters, who will be joining us to entertain you. You lucky people. Tonight, its time to turn our attention to Sound It Out records. One of, if not the only remaining vinyl record shop in Teesside. Built on trust expertise and the ability to source just about any record you’ve ever desired. The reputation of the store, its impresario and aficionados, reaches far from the riverside of the Tees. Drawing music lovers, fanzine foragers, vinyl hoarders, cassette collectors and CD seekers toward its beating heart. A passionate one it is to.

We are genuinely honored to have the Sound It Out Guvnor himself, Sir Tom of expansive knowledge and unyielding heart, performing a 30 min VINYL ONLY DJ set at The Green Room doo. The man who said “music makes memories” will be spinning a collection of 7” singles to inspire your imagination engine and simultaneously fill the dance-floor. It is indeed a rare treat to have Tom as our very special guest and guarantees to make the occasion a most especially memorable one.

Find out more about the legendary store on Facebook, Twitter and Online

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Artist Spotlight #8: Butterfly Effect

Always looking for the undiscovered and the unconventional, Butterfly Effect, sister label to Tracks music collective, creates limited vinyl releases for artists from around the region. Each of their releases is carefully curated, designed, and packaged with unique goodies. The embodiment of the Tracks ethic can be seen in Butterfly Effect’s most recent release. It is clear and present in the skilled and beautiful artistry of Ceiling Demons ‘Nil’. The ethos of supporting and developing local talent continues in forthcoming Sticky Pearls long player ‘Forever and Nowhere’.

Butterfly Effect’s band Ceiling Demons launched their new video "without certainty" yesterday, see it below. We’re pleased to have the label along to DJ at our party on the 4th of August at The Green Room. As we have our Merch and Zine stall at the party, you’ll be able to get your hands on some of those BE goodies, perhaps not the deluxe version of Ceiling Demons ‘Nil’ LP though as there are less than five copies left as we post. Get it from the labels Bandcamp while you can.

A musical metamorphosis ready to flutter its wings, and send ripples from the North East of England across the rest of the world. Dust up on your Butterfly Effect magic on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Artist Spotlight #7: Tracks

Tracks are a group of engaging, supportive, networked and passionate practitioners based in Darlington, County Durham. The new music collective aim to develop activities and services for the benefit of local musicians, music organisations and audiences living, working and visiting the area. Their connected and connective approach to the arts however sees them reach out to the wider area and across boroughs into Teesside and beyond.As a team they are the engine and invention behind both the recent Festival of Ingenuity’s musical scheduling and the inter-venue genre-spanning cultural beacon that is the annual Music Box Festival.

Although both of these prestigious events for this year have passed. The team being of boundless energy and unwavering constitution, they serve up Soapbox Sessions every Sunday and still have more in store over the coming months.September sees Tracks launch the Last Train Home Festival with bands and comedy on offer all over the city in many different venues, all of which are within reach of Darlingtons main train station and, you guessed it, the last trains out to the ends, so if you want to bowl over from Boro getting back wont be no bother.

We’re excited to have the Tracks trio (timetable rescheduling permitting) performing a DJ set for us at our party at The Green Room on August 4th. We’ll also be featuring some of their innovative artwork in our event fanzine.

Whilst you await on a ponderous platform their arrival, elect to find out more about Tracks on FacebookInstagram and Online. CHOO CHOO!!

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Artist Spotlight: NE Volume

Running into its third year now this Teesside based publication issues monthly digital and hard copies. The NE Volume team is made up of a number of passionate music and culture lovers from across the North East. Rather than being preoccupied with a specific city NE Volume provides a genuine home for North East music and culture news. The team and magazine support artists, businesses and promoters through their website, whilst additionally offering a free printed music and culture magazine every month.

The printed hard/old skool copy can be picked up across the North East (please see their outlets tab for locations). Its safe to say that all the cool outlets region wide will be stockists. The magazine was founded by journalist Lee Allcock. Those who know him know him for his passion for local music, culture and a knack for securing advertising too. The NE Volume aim is to keep music and culture lovers in the North East up-to-date with whats happening in the region each and every month. The August edition, of which the hard copies have a new revamped look, is out tomorrow and online soon thereafter. Were very pleased to have the support of NE Volume for our party at The Green Room on the 4th August. At which NE Volume bossman Lee will be doing a DJ set, his first ever, for Imagination Engine.

Occasionally hosting events too, the next NE Volume gig sees a celebration of everything OlSkool Hacienda at The Longlands Club,, with amongst other delights, a DJ set from Madchester legend BEZ!!! Check out details here. Copies of NE Volume will be available at our Merch & ZineStall.

Find out more and follow the mag on Facebook, Instagram and Online.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Artist Spotlight: Onlooker

Onlooker are a 4 piece no nonsense garage rock band from Teesside. They have a couple of EPs on the way and are gaining momentum on the scene. In that self billed no nonsense style and humble approach, they’re keeping the details of the release to themselves for now. Preferring instead to bring what they do live, now, in to focus. That vibe is audible in the bands music. That steely Teesside sound of coastal/industrial songs, raucous riffs with enigmatic and provocative lyrics, intelligent but not exclusively so, that give this band an edge in the garage rock scene.  

What we do know as we post  is that one of the forthcoming EPs will feature a coolalge created by the band. Its the one that you can see in this article. It will also, as the bands submission, feature in the event fanzine. The tracks available for streaming from the bands Soundcloud are great, danceable, cuts of gritty distorted punk pop. So its with that energy and vitalitiy in mind that we’re excited to have them on the bill for opur SIRF fringe party on Aug 4th.

Prior to that though you can observe Onlooker doing their thing at the near legendary Little Buildings this weekend at the Geist release party hosted by Ballpeen

  Find out more About Onlooker via Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Artist Spotlight: Lhymes

Lhymes have been hitting the road hard this season. A frenzy of summer festivals and selected shows has seen them storm the Tracks stage at The Festival of Ingenuity transmogrify through Evolution Emerging and the band are now looking forward to our party on the 4th of August, and ahead, to headlining the The 02 Academy Newcastle for Subwaves Studios 

Described in the local press who are taking a close interest in the band as alternative modern psychedelia. Lhymes music is a luscious, rich swathe spanning the full spectrum of the genre. Their most recent material hits peaks that sparkle in the mind, as if dawn breaking sunlight illuminated drops of spring rain. Distorted blues edged guitars and Zepplin-esque percussion burrow down to deeper fuzz forming of a powerful jungle trip swamp rock sound. Which is perhaps why theyre often found photographed hip deep in rivers.   

Listen to glistening new track Lhymes - Looks Like Rain Find out more about Lhymes on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Groove is in the Art

Greetings hungry culture lovers, we have more delectable delights for you coming up this Saturday July 28th. From Noon till near enough Midnight the distinct and desirable destination of Disgraceland Baker Street host Groove is in the Art. Returning especially for Middlesbrough’s  Orange Pip Market Disgraceland present a day of groove and art. The ground floor of the venue sees the return of the Disgraceful pop-up bar, billed by Mr. B as like being in me nana’s living room kinda vibe with some class tunes and ice cold bevvies thrown in” Mint.

Something a little bit different for the first floor. As a continuation following their latest exhibition Disgraceland are running a new ‘’GALLERY BAR’’. For the inaugural celebration, the gallery will be showing ‘Double Lip #2’, an installation by local artists Bobby Benjamin & Elizabeth Black. Imagination Engine and members of Sorry Escalator will be DJing in the GALLERY BAR from 15:00 - 18:00. Bringing all manner of psychedelic, hip-hop, dub, chill and synthwave, rare groove, soul, folk and funk sounds to please your ears as the art please your eyes.


Disgraceland Baker Street presents Groove is in the Art, Saturday 28th from 12:00.
Deelightful and Deeelicious.

Find out more about Disgraceland Baker Street on Facebook, Instagram and Online and more about Dovetail Joints on Facebook. Deeegroovy!!

Monday, 23 July 2018

Artist Spotlight: Point Blank Teesside

We’re taking a nightly look from here at the nerve centre, at the bill for our party at The Green Room. Atop the observation tower we’ve so far focused in on bands and performers. Tonight, in this the third of our artist spotlight series, we shine a light on our first publisher, Point Blank Teesside!

Alongside a great bill of live music and DJ sets at the event we have a ‘Merch and Zine’ stall. We thought this a great opportunity to draw more attention to this homegrown, rooted in local culture zine. Whose impact ripples outward through the scene, reaching further afield than the boundaries of Teesside. Which is synonymous with the culture and character of the team behind the bursting pages of each issue.

 Point Blank Teesside epitomises the self sufficient punk ethic. It doesn’t follow the rules, neither submits to schedule nor style and is crafted through the commitment and passion of its leader Steve Blank, the content and the squad of writers. Love for the scene is the energy that drives the zine. Passion pours in pints from the pages. Abound with live gig reviews, feature interviews and photos. Straight forward, explicit and spontaneous. Their targets are the rhizomes, that entwined web of networked connections that are the fabric of the local scene. That said, some of the pics look like its not only pints pouring but a few shots going off too. At point blank range now doubt..

Ahem, so... with a special 10th edition going to print as we post, you’ll be able to pick up the new issue all over Teesside and Durham and at our party on the 4th August too. 

Digital edition of ISSUE #9 is available for download here:

Find out more about the zine and team on Facebook, Instagram and Online.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Artist Spotlight: Whirling Dervish

With last nights focus being on one of our live bands , tonight we turn to the turntablists/playlisters, who will be joining the Imagination Engine party running alongside the Stockton International Riverside festival (SIRF 18). The second of our series of artist spotlights focuses in on Whirling Dervish. Whirly D (to those cooler than me) takes place every Thursday at the renowned TSOne. The night is a beacon of the buzzing Middlesbrough live music scene. As its name suggests, Whirling Dervish is a fun fueled, energized & free entry series of events that affords excellent opportunities to local and national talent to perform live in front of enthusiastic audiences eager for entertainment.

The Idle Promotions family behind the Whirling Dervish events provide an invaluable cultural service to the local scene and the scenesters in it. So we’re really pleased that they will be joining us at The Green Room on the 4th August to play us a 30 min DJ set. No doubt the tunes will give you a flavour of the night itself and guarantee a good time for the Green Roomers.

Find out more about Whirling Dervish events on Facebook and Twitter.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Artist Spotlight: Novyi Lef

Novyi Lef ride on waves of synth soundscapes and saw lead from the coast of Whitley Bay. Their sound a compound of retrograde (in the astronomic sense) post punk and lyric politic, continues to enthrall audiences across breadth of the north east live scene. Impacting on crowds with as much explosive force as mixing water and electricity. Their potent blend of punchy vocals with energized beats and catchy harmonic hooks makes for a great live show. Having recently sparked crowds into a frenzy at the Evolution Emerging and Northern Electric Festivals. We know they’ll wow the crowd down for our fringe event at The Green Room.

Underneath their pulsating electro sound, bit crunched percussion and circuit bent punk protestation. The conceptual content and inspirations behind Novyi Lef’s material are fascinating. Often culturally and politically minded, more than motivated. The band use this current prolonged phase of economic and political frustration we're all caught up in, as a source of energy and inspiration to form an artistic response. Drawing on the best of the historic new wave/synthwave scenes rewired with contemporaneous critique. They fuse that familiar post punk feel with a modern engineered sound for the now. Producing fantastic, spirited music that’s danceable, engaging and at the same time both intellectually and emotionally stimulating.

If, like us, you love to learn whilst you neutron dance, make sure you catch Novyi Lef at the event. The band will be playing material from their up and coming ‘Ethic Or Aesthetic’ EP. Released through Win Big Records later this summer and constructed on a Korg MS-20, Novation Circuit Mono Station, Arturia MiniBrute, Roland TR-09, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Stylophone Gen X-1, Korg Volca Keys, Korg Volca FM which quite frankly makes us here emit sounds of the most joyous salivation.

Listen below to the ‘What We Call Progress Remix’ of ‘Blue Lampshade’

Find out more on Instagram, Bandcamp and Facebook.

Friday, 13 July 2018


*Saturday 4th August * FREE ENTRY from 5pm * LIVE MUSIC/DJ SETS/MERCH&ZINE STALL*

On Saturday 4th August, running alongside the Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF 18). Imagination Engine, by invitation of Tees Music Alliance, take over The Green Room. We are to curate a showcase of local and regional, genre and medium spanning, cultural delights. Expect to experience an eclectic blend of mind-bending music and art.

The event boasts live performances by bands from Darlington, Sunderland, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Stockton-on-Tees. With DJ sets from friends and colleagues from local publications, promoters, record stores and labels. There will also be a band Merch&Zine stall.

Not only will the Merch&Zine stall feature local publications Point Blank Teesside and NE Volume,  but we’ll also have copies of a specially commissioned limited edition fanzine available too. Specific to these festivities the one off event zine features artistic and lyrical contributions from those on the event bill. Find it with the other fantastic fanzines, publications and band merchandise we have too.  

Feeling that friendly festival vibe we’ve reached out & put together an event of performances by specially invited guests. It’s FREE ENTRY from 5 so bring dancing shoes & your good times vibe..

Find the event on Facebook HERE

*cue the music

On the bill for you we have:

Sorry Escalator

“Retro psychedelic surfer vibes with biting lyrics that speak to the current political situation in the UK, but can also be applied to the craziness going on in the US.” (EclecticMusicLover).
“Alt rock built on post-punk verses with swirling MBV like guitars to the fore, gazes firmly set to shoes.” (Backseat Mafia).

Golden Age of Nothing

“a loud and noisy squall of prettiness sees the waltz of guitar and vocal interrupted by sporadic blasts of distortion” (NARC)

“a roller-coaster ride of sound, overlaid with creamy guitars and wailing sweeps of electric violin. And politically-driven lyrics” (NE Volume).

"Exotic sounding distortion and grinding vocals really give you a sense of screaming frustration." (Spotlight UK)

"Discordant rhythms, squealing warped solos and pleasingly down tempo outros."

No nonsense garage rock from Teesside.

Novyi Lef

Taking their name from a 1920's Russian art publication, NOVYI LEF deliver powerful, passionate, political synth-punk, via analogue synth squeals and danceable beats."
 Politically charged Punk(NARC)


Spotify   Facebook


Online: https://bit.ly/2zARzX2

Online: https://bit.ly/2KPSGHr

Online: https://bit.ly/2NbSbnM

Online: https://bit.ly/2NLPJFD

Online: https://bit.ly/2m9C9zo


The Green Room Online: https://bit.ly/2Ld6kRh

Our event runs in sync with the festivities going on at The Georgian Theatre. Where
The Shakin' Nightmares, Panda Lasagne, Dark Passenger, Little Doves & Head of Light Entertainment play on the hour. The LIVE performances in The Green Room hit the stage on the half hour. So with 30min sets going off in each of the venues from 5pm, you’ll have the best of both venues to benefit from.

Stockton International Riverside Festival Online