Saturday, 1 April 2017

Sorry Escalator Release Double A-side Single 'Generation Winter / Street Corner Absurdity' TODAY on Imagination Engine Records

*Cover Art - Bradley Butterworth

We’re ecstatic to announce our debut release on the label. Sorry Escalator’s double A-side single ‘Generation Winter / Street Corner Absurdity’, their first on our label, is out today.

The two tracks are punk in attitude, lyrically philosophical and impact like a wave of sound. Washing over the listener in a tsunami of face-melting drone-gaze. These tunes have a deep indie under current and a darker theme central to them than previous Sorry Escalator releases. Lemon Juice Media called that sound as “Outlaw Rock/Alternative Shoegaze” and NARC Magazine states the band are “increasingly melodic and [create] grandly realised song writing”.

You can purchase these fresh new tunes in their digital format HERE and from there you can also pre-order the slightly delayed physical release too. The physical release is a limited-edition cassette of both the Sorry Escalator double A-side tracks 'Generation Winter/Street Corner Absurdity' on Imagination Engine Records. They come as one of a run of 50. 40 of the cassettes are in White shells and come with digital download code card, an exclusive, handmade, hand numbered Rorschach Test card with SRY ESC logo (1/25) or Imagination Engine logo (1/25). 10 of the cassettes randomly inserted into the run come on rare hand painted White and Black splatter effect shells. All cassettes come in a crystal-clear cassette case and are presented in a gift bag with Imagination Engine Records sticker.

Sorry Escalator are currently out on a spring tour promoting the AA single release and play tonight for Bruja at the Voodoo Café in Darlington, UK, alongside Salvadors and soon to be label mates Dose. and Salvadors. The physical release will now be out on the 21st April and will be available online and at the Sorry Escalator live gig supporting The Wytches at the grandly refurbished and legendary venue, The Georgian Theatre in Stockton-on-Tees.

We caught up with the band ahead of the Voodoo doo to chat about the new single.

IMGENG - Greetings gentlemen, thanks for taking the time to speak to us. Firstly, can you tell us about the thinking behind the release of your new AA side?

SRY_ESC - We we’re working on some songs that never quite made it onto the debut EP which we were still playing live, and we eventually finalised on some ideas and decided to release them as a double A side.

IMGENG - …and can you tell us about the provocative/emotive song titles?

SRY_ESC - Basically this double AA side is a cause and effect concept. Generation Winter is a dichotomy of disenfranchised politics, it’s a song about being frustrated with current political climate. Street Corner Absurdity is from the perspective of the used and abused, it’s the fallout of a corrupt and unjust system, which now claims liberal democracy.

IMGENG - so it was important to have these two tracks out together on one release as companion pieces?

SRY_ESC - Yes, it was imperative. They both compliment one another as companion pieces.

IMGENG - How does that song crafting process come together as a final piece?

SRY_ESC - Usually either Ryan or Shaun will have a song idea that we bring into the studio and we just work at it from there. Shaun Lockwood had the chords for Street Corner Absurdity which was played through that very recognisable distinctive shoegaze sound and the song was structured around that. As for Generation Winter, Shaun wrote the guitar riff and played along with Ryan singing one evening but we didn’t really know how else to develop it until we went into the studio one day and Jamie came out with the bass riff almost instantly and we knew that it was the finishing piece it needed.

IMGENG - This release will be your debut on new label Imagination Engine, how did that come about and do you and the label have plans for the future?

SRY_ESC - We were contacted by Ben who owns the label. He expressed his interest in starting up a new label and asked us to be part of it because of how much he loved our music and other bands from the vibrant North East scene. We decided to sign and explained how we would like to release our new music, starting off with a Double AA side and another EP later in the year, on both cassette and vinyl, with intentions to tour nationally in the future.

IMGENG - So you’re also out across the north east touring the new AA release, playing with some other names our readers will recognise too. How long have you been playing out on the live circuit now?

SRY_ESC - We’ve been playing odd shows as a three piece Find out more via the Brujasince 2013 after Shaun joined but it’s only been in the the last couple of year that’ve we’ve been playing bigger and better venues and events more frequently, especially since Jamie joined.

IMGENG - ..and what are you looking forward to most on this promo tour for the new AA single ?

SRY-ESC - Blowing people’s bollocks off.

IMGENG – Nice, and lastly then, are there any ‘shouts’ you would to give?

SRY_ESC - Yeah huge shout to Danny James at Jar Mills Studios for everything he is doing in Leeds, along with his band Curb. He’s opening up a new venue next door to his studio which should be ready to go very soon. Also, to Bradley Butterworth who designed the artwork for the single.

Find out more via the Bruja @ Voodoo Cafe link here, have a great gig and stay tuned for more news on new label signings and releases in the next week...

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