About Us

Imagination Engine is an independent recording label established in 2017. We produce limited runs of cassettes from our exclusive roster of artists. We have no specific label 'sound' just a label ethos. That ethos is to offer the best in new sounds in an authentic way, blending old school traditional with new school trends. 

Every one of our physical releases is a bespoke offering, exquisitely and imaginatively crafted by hand. Each item comes with a digital download code card, a limited edition label fanzine, a unique gift related to the single, EP or LP, and is proudly presented and packaged in ethically sourced and printed recyclable materials.

On rare occasion there may also be a limited edition Imagination Engine label badge and sticker pack mailed out with your order too.

We're not interested in ownership of artists or their work, just securing rights on a temporary contracted (work for hire) negotiated basis. This means that we are be able to legally protect everyone involved, serve our bands best interests and increase the reach and impact of our artists and their music. Whilst simultaneously ensuring the labels acts retain full and unequivocal creative control over both their processes and recorded material.

As our label grows we will be taking the bands out on the road and in the near future, shall be offering vinyl releases too.