Friday, 12 April 2019

OUR NEW RELEASE | The Staches - This Lake Is Pointless | LTD ED CS + DL

As you may have already tired of being reminded, tomorrow is indeed record store day, but today, is TAPE HAPPY DAY! 

The Staches smashed it when they headlined the first Imagination Engine presents back in Oct ‘18. We got to hear new material from their, at the time, forthcoming LP. A ‘’pure Fuzz-Pop Electro explosion’’ (Point Blank Teesside) it was too. Since then we’ve been keen to release an exclusive cassette version. So we’re victoriously buzzing that as a UK based DIY tape label, Imagination Engine's first intercontinental collaboration will be with friends and cultural exchange partners | Bongo Joe of Switzerland and Six Tonnes De Chair of France for global rovers The Staches, currently based in Liepzig, Germany.

Our rare cassette version is a limited edition in deep blue and neon pink hand crafted splatter shell. Included is a download code card and reverse sleeve band promo postcard. Real time dubbed on Super Ferro tape and housed in a scuba mask translucent case. This release is an exclusive small run of 100 and its brilliant.

The Staches are from Geneva, Switzerland, now based in Leipzig, Germany. Their new LP 'This Lake is Pointless' was self-recorded at home in their beloved Proberaum, late at night, when even the toughest metalheads next door had long since passed out. The group have been together for a decade but are not couples, nor a couple of couples, neither are they a quadruple. They are simply The Staches. 

Like couples though they occasionally fight, but they do love each other. Becoming masters and mistresses in the art of managing the goat and the cabbage, together their artistic creations are tricky sonic strategies that challenge tags, labels and conventional boxes. Driven by the fear of the undefined, some have tried to describe their music and confused themselves with designations like punk, post-punk, lo-fi pop, prog rock, garage and lost themselves even more with comparisons with any rock band including at least one woman. Fools that they are. Who the fuck cares. These young dinguses are fun to listen to and fun to watch. Punkt.

The Staches - This Lake Is Pointless exclusive cassette issue from Imagination Engine is available to pre-order now @ 

The new LP from The Staches is OUT NOW on vinyl via Les Disque Bongo Joe and Six Tonnes De Chair records.

The Staches | The Great Depression (Official Video)

The Staches - Thank god For Mcdonalds (Official Audio)

 Full LP stream on YouTube |