Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Artist Spotlight: Onlooker

Onlooker are a 4 piece no nonsense garage rock band from Teesside. They have a couple of EPs on the way and are gaining momentum on the scene. In that self billed no nonsense style and humble approach, they’re keeping the details of the release to themselves for now. Preferring instead to bring what they do live, now, in to focus. That vibe is audible in the bands music. That steely Teesside sound of coastal/industrial songs, raucous riffs with enigmatic and provocative lyrics, intelligent but not exclusively so, that give this band an edge in the garage rock scene.  

What we do know as we post  is that one of the forthcoming EPs will feature a coolalge created by the band. Its the one that you can see in this article. It will also, as the bands submission, feature in the event fanzine. The tracks available for streaming from the bands Soundcloud are great, danceable, cuts of gritty distorted punk pop. So its with that energy and vitalitiy in mind that we’re excited to have them on the bill for opur SIRF fringe party on Aug 4th.

Prior to that though you can observe Onlooker doing their thing at the near legendary Little Buildings this weekend at the Geist release party hosted by Ballpeen

  Find out more About Onlooker via Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud

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