Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Artist Spotlight #9: Sound It Out Records

We’re only a few days away now from our party at The Green Room on Saturday 4th August. So far in the Artist Spotlight series we’ve covered those bands, publishers and promoters, who will be joining us to entertain you. You lucky people. Tonight, its time to turn our attention to Sound It Out records. One of, if not the only remaining vinyl record shop in Teesside. Built on trust expertise and the ability to source just about any record you’ve ever desired. The reputation of the store, its impresario and aficionados, reaches far from the riverside of the Tees. Drawing music lovers, fanzine foragers, vinyl hoarders, cassette collectors and CD seekers toward its beating heart. A passionate one it is to.

We are genuinely honored to have the Sound It Out Guvnor himself, Sir Tom of expansive knowledge and unyielding heart, performing a 30 min VINYL ONLY DJ set at The Green Room doo. The man who said “music makes memories” will be spinning a collection of 7” singles to inspire your imagination engine and simultaneously fill the dance-floor. It is indeed a rare treat to have Tom as our very special guest and guarantees to make the occasion a most especially memorable one.

Find out more about the legendary store on Facebook, Twitter and Online

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