Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Reimagine, Reignite, Relaunch.

Reimagine, Reignite, Relaunch.

Dearest Imagineers, we can confirm the label is indeed due to relaunch later this summer.
After an enforced deactivation due to the driver’s dicky ticker. We’re pleased to announce that both he, and we, have made a full recovery.  We’d like to sincerely thank those that supported us, not only for helping us get through, but also for their patience and kindness during a challenging phase of negative oscillation. 

After nearly a full year away some things have naturally evolved. We’ve some new members aboard and we’ve reimagined the way we represent artists. As part of our new format we’ll be engaging in a wider variety of projects from: label DJs performing sets at LIVE Gig/Venue/Festival events, promoting tours from artists whose music we release, as well as those we don’t, through to working closely on projects both local and international with artists, indie labels and promoters from the UK/EU & US.

With all that in mind, what we aren’t changing is the fact that we will continue, with a passionate heart, to release new independent music from across genres, that inspires our imagination engine, with the hope of inspiring yours.
News to follow on our next physical/digital split release and relaunch party..

Till next time..

Be seeing you…

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