Friday, 25 August 2017

“swelling walls of noise, feedback and whispered vocals, slowly gained rigidity and more poppy elements” The Eclectic Music Lover himself reviews Sorry Escalators Generation Winter/Street Corner Absurdity

The Eclectic Music Lover’s renowned and respected blog, hosts many features from hosted video to textual content covering favourite song lists, reviews, featured indie artists, and offering music commentary too. The blog is well worth views and subscriptions and we recommend doing both now to read more of the in depth, thoughtful and provocative review of Sorry Escalators - Generation Winter/Street Corner Absurdity release on the label. Read the article in full here. It was our first release as a label and we’re very proud to have had the opportunity to put the music out there and we send a big thank you to the band and all at Eclectic Music Lover, follow him here: Blog, Facebook and Twitter

You can also pick up a limited-edition AA side cassette of the release here. With label sticker, exclusive artwork and insert and two outstanding tracks.

Having recently recovered from their extensive summer tour Sorry Escalator are at it again heading into the fall with a gig covering and supporting the legendary Pellethead at their 25th Birthday event. Pellethead, the punk/post-punk/new-wave/no-wave/garage band (in various incarnations from 1992 to the present day) will play the show interspersed with the guests, including Sorry Escalator, who will be covering tracks from the headliners. Other as equally outstanding guests on the night will include International Strike Force, Manfat, Rum Baba (featuring Melanie O'Brien), Year Of Birds and many more. The event takes place on 23 September, from 7pm at the revered Westgarth Social Club, 99 Southfield Road, Middlesbrough. TS1 3EZ. Find out more on their Facebook event page here. A planned compilation of the cover versions will be created after the gig and spread far and wide and the gig is free admission too.

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