Wednesday, 23 August 2017

"five tracks of heavy, invective fueled music" - Dayz of Purple and Orange Review No Teeth's Wither EP

Thanks to all at Dayz of Purple and Orange, the respected scenesayers and custodians of the portal to psychedelia, for taking the time to review our latest release, No Teeth's, Wither EP which they say is  "filled with vitriol and attitude and, somewhat ironically, makes one glad to be alive". Nice! Read the full review here

(Photo No Teeth by Johnny Haynes)

..and follow Days of Purple and Orange on Facebook + Twitter, because they're wonderful knowledgable beings. We're also about to sell out of limited edition cassettes, so check out the store before the opportunity withers dear readers....

Oh.. and Wither Official Video appears this weekend....

News to follow..

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