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Cave Suns Play Live at Rrriot Fest 10 This Weekend (with No Teeth), Share Sneak Preview of New Material and More!

Cave Suns by David Gunton 

Cave Suns play Rrriot Fest 10 this weekend, in this post we’ll bring you news of their sneak preview sharing of new material, on just some of their forthcoming summer festival appearances and we’ll be catching up with one of the organisers of Rrriot Fest, Chris from band Coma Violet, for a short but sweet interview about the festival itself, plans for this weekend’s regal revelry and provide you with the full line-up and set times of each of the acts playing live on the bill.

As Wally has been saying all week, “sure is a hot one out there” and it looks to be the same this weekend. Where better then, if anywhere, can there be to celebrate the heatwave than at a local all-dayer. Picture it now, live music, renowned venue, outstanding array of bands on the bill, drinks in the sun. Well fear not, as ‘Rrriot Fest 10’ returns this weekend, after a three year absence. Truth Hurts Promotions and Coma Violet curate the euphoric noisefest hosted at the venerable Little Buildings Rehearsal Rooms (1 Ford Street, Newcastle. NE6 1NW) on Saturday June 24th, from 15:00–23:00. Bands will run from 15:0-23:00 and entry to the event is the post-election, human being friendly charge of £3 on the door on the day. DONE!

 Cave Suns by David Gunton

Imagination Engine label mates Cave Suns and No Teeth will be bringing their distinctive bluesy astral rock and grungey, punky psychedelia respectively, to the eagerly anticipated all-dayer. Cave Suns will already be switched on and in live summer festival tour mode. Over the last couple of months the band have been hard at work in the studio. They’ve been preparing for more appearances on the festival circuit, with gigs coming up at the Silver Trees hosted Lost in the Woodsgathering with label mates Dose later this month.

The band have been putting new material together too ahead of their forthcoming EP release on the label too. Cave Suns shared a sneak preview of that new material with us via their own YouTube page a couple of days ago. The new tracks sound great, heavy guitars and deep bass, pounding drums and the bands frontman Kit Endean vocals are a potent blend reminisce of stadia heyday Joe Coker, Caleb Followill and the sadly departed Chris Cornell, with a good flagon of Rum added to the vat too. You can hear and see what we mean in the sneak preview video below and catch the band on stage LIVE from 20:35 this Saturday at Rrrriot Fest 10 on The Nic Cage Stage.


 Cave Suns - We Go On (Practice Room 360)  

Imagineering Doom-Popers No Teeth are also in attendance at Rrriot Fest 10 too, they’re recent audio video of heavy-psyched out track ‘Mother’ can be seen on our label YouTube and the band can be seen on The Nic Cage Stage at Rrriot Fest 10 this Saturday from 16:15. 

We caught up with Chris from band Coma Violet, one of the main organisers of this weekends Rrriot Fest 10, today for a quick chat about the festivals origins, line-up and vibes.

IER: Chris, this is your tenth Rrriot Fest. Along with your good self who are the team behind bringing it altogether?

CP: “Rrriot fest started really, out of frustration with promoters, who at that time, were out of touch with what was really going on within the local scene, especially with alternative bands. If you went  indie then you weren’t considered. So as a response to that we decided basically to book all our mates bands and just have an all-day session of bands and booze. 

IER: Would you say Rrroit Fest has evolved since then..

CP: “I think it was 2007/08 the first one, the Fest snowballed from there and became quite successful. The party went from being one based around just our mates bands to actually having bands asking to play at the party. As its grown from there Its always been cool to see the pioneering bands meet and get to know newer bands at the Fest. Part of the satisfaction of putting these things on is seeing bands later down the line gigging with each other after meeting at RF. Hopefully that happens again”.

IER: That’s a really cool thing Chris, and the Fest must have conjured up many more cool moments over the years then. Is there one that stands out?

CP: “I think the best moment was at Independent in Sunderland, that was (Rrriot Fest) number 7 or 8. We had 43 bands over 3 stages! It was chaos to organise and run, but it was a successful day”.

IER: Well we’re really happy that bands ‘Cave Suns’ and ‘No Teeth’ from the label are down for Rrriot Fest 10 this Saturday from 15:00 at Little Buildings Rehearsal Rooms. Is there something specific that you’re looking forward to from this Saturdays Fest Chris?

CP: “Just really looking forward to getting a load of cool bands together, in a cool venue and having a great time. 

You can see Cave Suns, No Teeth (and Chris in) ‘Coma Violet’ on The Nic Cage Stage at Rrriot Fest 10 this weekend along with some other as equally outstanding bands. Here is the full line-up for the all-dayer and the bands set times too.

Truth Hurts Promotions and Coma Violet present Rrriot Fest 10 at Little Buildings Rehearsal Rooms, 1 Ford Street, Newcastle. NE6 1NW on Saturday June 24th, from 15:00–23:00. First band on stage at 15:45. Entry £3 on the door on the day and here is the full line up for:

The Nic Cage Stage:  


 22:10 - 23:00 Coma Violet

21:15 – 22:00 Dunes

20:35 – 21:05 Cave Suns

19:55 – 20:25 LoGOz

19:15 – 19:45 Yersin

18:45 – 19:05 Sillibus

18:15 - 18:35 Paul Had A Shark

17:45 - 18:05 Nic Wood Music

17.15pm - 17.35pm Kkett

16.45pm - 17.05pm ThreadBear

16.15pm - 16.35pm NO TEETH

15.45pm - 16.05pm Slurs

Check out more on the Rrriot Fest 10 Facebook Event Page

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