Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Cheap Lunch: New (Official Audio) Vid, Heaters Gig & Interview

Cheap Lunch by Dan Graham Photography
Cheap Lunch are Newcastle’s own Jamie (Guitar/Vocal), Andrew (Bass/Vocal) and Alex (Drums) and are the Tyne trio Wandering Oak described as “the last sound you hear before the rozzers crash the practice room party and pocket your recreationals. Totally nails punk nihilism, post-riptide surf guitar, songs about bad sex and lizards”. With an EP forthcoming on Imagination Engine Records we despatch The Brain to catch up with the band ahead of their gig for Wandering Oak to chat about their sound, live shows and new music.

TB: The gig for Wandering Oak this Bank Holiday Monday is in support of Heaters (Beyond Beyond is Beyond). Its at Cluny 2, with The Salvadors on the bill as well. Your live shows are building up a reputation for positively provoking audiences, what are the best things about playing live for Cheap Lunch?

CL: "The reception the songs get is always the best part. We write songs to stir shit and twist faces so it's always good to see if we succeed, oh and sweat too” and on that note Alex added that “Being topless for young men and women” at live shows was also greatly appreciated. 

TB: That energy you have in your live performances resonates with the force in your sound. Do your musical influences drive that passion on stage and in the studio? 

CL: Our musical influences are a more “kitchen sink” than eclectic mix; “Charlie Megira, MF DOOM, Chester Watson, Deftones, Dick Dale, Spacemen 3, Black Sabbath, Flying Lotus, Godspeed, Dan Sartain, Ty Segall, Tom Waits”. More than just the musical influences there is more that inspires our songwriting and performances though, themes and pastimes like “Drinking. Murder. Dreams. Social pariahs. Conspiracy Theories have featured recently, Flat Earth and our lizard overlords for example!” sometimes its just “2 4 1 Stella”…

TB: So the Stella, the scene, the culture and the music are all influential in your music. Is that the case with your song writing process too?

CL:  “Recreational substance abuse usually works for riffs and structure. Then we rockpaperscissors for the words. Jamie usually loses and goes to The Bad Place with the pen and jotter”. Really though “Drums are the most important thing because Alex is the most talented musician”.

At that point The Brain, satiated, if over-saturated by sarcasm, bid the band farewell and began its journey back to the Nerve Centre.

You can see and hear the new, official audio for Cheap Lunch – Weak Juice on the Imagination Engine label YouTube below

Find out more about the BHM Wandering Oak gig at the Facebook event page HERE
Find out more about the band:

And ‘name your price’ download the bands tracks ‘Weak Juice/God of Chill’ from the Cheap Lunch Bandcamp page HERE.

Stay tuned for news on the bands new EP forthcoming on Imagination Engine Records

See the band live at Cluny 2 for Wandering Oak with The Salvadors supporting Heaters (Beyond Beyond is Beyond) this Bank Holiday Monday 29th May. Limited £6.50 advance tickets HERE. Tickets also available over the bar at The Cluny (without booking fee) and RPM Music / Beatdown Records / Reflex CD Vinyl Newcastle

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