Saturday, 8 April 2017

Our Newest Signings Unveiled

Only moments have passed since we announced our debut release. Yet our pulsating label brain, occupying as it does a constantly generative state, refuses to rest, recognise or adhere to linear conceptualisations of time. Perpetually imagining, endeavouring to inspire, relentlessly it seeks out sonic delights from all dimensions the musical multi-verse.

Originating from some hidden place enveloped in the cosmos, beamed broadcasts have recently reached us here at the nerve centre. As such, we are pleased and privileged to be able to announce not one but three new signings.

They are the Tyneside Trinity, Earth-Pop, Astral-Psych, Stoner/Blues Rock’n’Rollers ‘Cave Suns’ fresh from supporting galactic overlords ‘Blown Out’.

Have a listen to the amazing 'Black North Sea Coast' from their currently available 'Canned Howl EP':

Secondly we have the dark matter infused trans-dimensional space-surf of Doom-Pop trio 'No Teeth' ahead of their Hit the North festival appearance.

Photo credit: Johnny Haynes.

Have a listen to the unnerving 'Mother' on Soundcloud and to more of their currently available tracks on the bands own Bandcamp:

and thirdly, the sizzling, doom-garage, lo-fi,intergalactic hyper-punk of fuzzy three-piece ‘Cheap Lunch‘ ahead of their gig at The Tyne Bar tomorrow night (Sunday 9th April).

Have a listen to the face-melting double header of 'Weak Juice/God of Chill' here:

We will be posting interviews as part of a special feature on each of the bands individually in the coming weeks, with links to some of their already available music as well as news on the planned releases of EP’s and Albums on our Imagination Engine label.

It’s a pleasure to welcome the bands to the label family. We're looking forward to bringing you new music from them all very soon.

...and be prepared dear reader, for the brain never ceases... it is always thinking, seeking out the new for future transmission.

We already have more label act signings and news on exclusive licensing with bands from the furthest reaches of the musicverse to announce to you soon...

but for now, until next time…

Be seeing you…

End of transmission.....

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