Thursday, 11 October 2018


Greetings people of Earth and others, just a short message of heartfelt thanks from us to The Staches (Bongo Joe RecordsDumpster Tapes and Six Tonnes de Chair Records), Lassie (U-BAC Records) and Novyi Lef (Win Big Records ) for giving our crowd a fantastic night of politicized punk, fuzz ripped garage rock, frothing with gold spandex, oscillated modulation, Wacky Onassis sunglasses and pith helmet bass funkery.
Our love and best wishes to Andy, Steve and all The Westgarth Social Club family, thanks to Matt D and Nathan on sort it all out Sound Control. Shouts to Dovetail Joints and Disgraceland Baker St. for DJ sets and hosting. To NARC Magazine and MIMA for the promo and partnering. Big up Danny and also StevePoint Blank Teesside for the photos, as per usual mine we’re very poor due to a sweaty lens and mucky fingers. Here’s the better captures for your eyeballings.

NARC link for this Saturdays Disgraceland alldayer

Sunday, 7 October 2018


The reliably informed NARC magazine have our The Staches | Lassie + Novyi lef gig @ The Westgarth this Tuseday (09.10.18) down as one of this months go to gigs in the north east. Thanks lovely NARC magazine family.  We've a few remaining tickets available online, and our in for a £5 say 'PARMO' OTD door code on the go. 

First single "Great Depression" from forthcoming The Staches - This Lake Is Pointless LP is out now too on French DIY label Six Tonnes de Chairs too.

The super limited magenta/black vinyl 7" in hand screen printed sleeve, shrink wrapped for your tactile pleasure is available from the label bandcamp page and the band will have copies of the single with them at the show. NICE. 

See you at The Westgarth on Tuesday. Doors open at 7pm. Appx stage times are Novyi Lef @ 8pm, Lassie @ 20:00, Lassie @ 20:45 + The staches @ 21:30. Be seeing you..

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Tour Vid | VIP Promo Code | The Staches @ Westgarth 09.10.18

The Staches @ Westgarth | Tour Vid | VIP Promo Code  

We wish good journey to international friends The Staches (Bongo Joe | Six Tonnes De Chair) and Lassie ( UBAC Records ) as they begin their EU/UK Tour 2018. The bands will be joining us a week from today, along with homegrown bayside electroclashers Novyi Lef (Win Big Records ) at The Westgarth Social Club aided by Big Figure PromotionsCheck out the bands tour promo video, its one of the best things we've ever seen!


We are now offering an ‘unwaged ticket option. For those who arent earning, who are students or facing cash challenges, just use verbal promo code “PARMO” at the venue to get in for a £5 (saving £2 off of the standard £7 OTD charge).  A great gig takes great bands and a great crowd. We've got the great bands for you very important people, so come and be part of that great crowd. 

We the people behind these collaborative and socially minded activities are for the people, for the music, the art and culture. We are all therefore sensitive to the fact that in the current climate of austerity. We’re all challenged by continuing cuts and rising costs. Costs that can prevent us from accessing culture and much needed opportunities for unity and escapism.

We don’t play that ****, so thats why we’ve served up the “PARMO” offer.

Don’t forget we’ve got more local good time vibes on the night from fanzine heads Point Blank Teesside who will be dropping punk/post-punk/pogo friendly tunes by way of DJ set

Find out more through this FB Event link |

Tickets are priced @ £5 ADV & £7 OTD (or £5 UTB) | Doors 7pm | First band on @ 8pm

After that, frankly anything could happen and it probably will... JOIN US!

The remaining online tickets are available from See Tickets via this link |

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

GIG: Disgraceland Mini-Festival

Middlesbrough’s most diverse event space, the phantasmagoria of kitsch that is Disgraceland, will play host to some of the most exciting bands and artists from the region and beyond, this October, as part of this all-day celebration of creativity.

The event sees the first collaboration between independent record label Imagination Engine Records and artist Bobby Benjamin’s ethereal exhibition project Dovetail Joints. The two creative forces combine to bring an event packed with art, music and culture.This free to attend event boasts an impressive schedule of live bands, video artists, special guest DJs, a late night film screening and a pop-up bar, spread across the spacious Baker Street venue.

Facebook event page |

and for further information visit

Or, contact us by email:

Dovetail Joints –

Imagination Engine -

Saturday, 8 September 2018


Following on from our first pop-up promotional gig last month at The Green Room, we’re buzzing to be able to announce our swift return, with the first in a series of collaborations with Big Figure Promotions at The Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough. Our premiere feature being:

The Staches | Lassie + Guest Support

FB Event link |

Psychedelic Swiss lo-fi pop punk garage rockers The Staches return to the UK touring new LP ‘This Lake Is Pointless’ this October. On the back of acclaimed critical success with their second studio album ‘Placid Faces’ successive releases on Bongo Joe Records, Dumpster Tapes and Six Tonnes de Chair Records and subsequent world tour, the band are on the road again bringing new music and their high energy, intense and frenetic live show to town.

The Staches are two girls and two guys from Geneva whose sound is born of frustration and emerges from that same embryonic indie rock fluid of cultural scenes and influences that spawned the likes of The Breeders, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey and Suburban Lawns.

Zombie surf rock riffs, psychedelic synth sounds and dark waves of spooky delay
(Backseat mafia).

A barrage of fuzzed out guitars, throbbing bass, crashing drums and hissing synths(50thirdand3rd).

They bring with them on this tour support from Liepzig, Germany, in the form of Lassie. Yes, like the dog. Imagine if you will a cross between 1970’s LSD furballs the Banana Splits and Ty Seagall with a side of Hot Snakes to produce a power pop garage punk party.

We’ll also have local guest support (tbc) on the night, which will be our first in a series of collaborations with Big Figure Promotions hosted at the legendary Westgarth Social Club. This is in sync with our series and draws on support from good friends Disgraceland Baker St. too.

We will also have DJ sets from Dovetail Joints, Point Blank Teesside and Imagination Engine DJs before, between and after the bands.

Tickets are available online now from See Tickets via this link:

Printed tickets will be available in selected local stores soon and on the door on the night.

Tickets are priced @ £5 ADV & £7 OTD | Doors 7pm | First band on @ 8pm

Check out the video for The Staches - Total Commitment 

Find out more @

The Staches


Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The Magic Number

Here at Imagination Engine its all about supporting and promoting acts and artistes that blossom from the verdant art, music and culture scene on Teesside. With that in mind, we’re over the moon to reveal that we’re embarking on a new project with new partners Dovetail Joints and Disgraceland.

Whilst we as the label specialize in sourcing the sounds Dovetail Joints will lead on showcasing pioneering, contemporary art.

Our good friends Disgraceland, will be both designing the look of and playing host to a stylish series of fashionable and forthcoming LIVE events.

Stay tuned for more teasers and reveals over the coming days..