Sunday, 22 July 2018

Artist Spotlight: Whirling Dervish

With last nights focus being on one of our live bands , tonight we turn to the turntablists/playlisters, who will be joining the Imagination Engine party running alongside the Stockton International Riverside festival (SIRF 18). The second of our series of artist spotlights focuses in on Whirling Dervish. Whirly D (to those cooler than me) takes place every Thursday at the renowned TSOne. The night is a beacon of the buzzing Middlesbrough live music scene. As its name suggests, Whirling Dervish is a fun fueled, energized & free entry series of events that affords excellent opportunities to local and national talent to perform live in front of enthusiastic audiences eager for entertainment.

The Idle Promotions family behind the Whirling Dervish events provide an invaluable cultural service to the local scene and the scenesters in it. So we’re really pleased that they will be joining us at The Green Room on the 4th August to play us a 30 min DJ set. No doubt the tunes will give you a flavour of the night itself and guarantee a good time for the Green Roomers.

Find out more about Whirling Dervish events on Facebook and Twitter.

Saturday, 21 July 2018

Artist Spotlight: Novyi Lef

Novyi Lef ride on waves of synth soundscapes and saw lead from the coast of Whitley Bay. Their sound a compound of retrograde (in the astronomic sense) post punk and lyric politic, continues to enthrall audiences across breadth of the north east live scene. Impacting on crowds with as much explosive force as mixing water and electricity. Their potent blend of punchy vocals with energized beats and catchy harmonic hooks makes for a great live show. Having recently sparked crowds into a frenzy at the Evolution Emerging and Northern Electric Festivals. We know they’ll wow the crowd down for our fringe event at The Green Room.

Underneath their pulsating electro sound, bit crunched percussion and circuit bent punk protestation. The conceptual content and inspirations behind Novyi Lef’s material are fascinating. Often culturally and politically minded, more than motivated. The band use this current prolonged phase of economic and political frustration we're all caught up in, as a source of energy and inspiration to form an artistic response. Drawing on the best of the historic new wave/synthwave scenes rewired with contemporaneous critique. They fuse that familiar post punk feel with a modern engineered sound for the now. Producing fantastic, spirited music that’s danceable, engaging and at the same time both intellectually and emotionally stimulating.

If, like us, you love to learn whilst you neutron dance, make sure you catch Novyi Lef at the event. The band will be playing material from their up and coming ‘Ethic Or Aesthetic’ EP. Released through Win Big Records later this summer and constructed on a Korg MS-20, Novation Circuit Mono Station, Arturia MiniBrute, Roland TR-09, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Stylophone Gen X-1, Korg Volca Keys, Korg Volca FM which quite frankly makes us here emit sounds of the most joyous salivation.

Listen below to the ‘What We Call Progress Remix’ of ‘Blue Lampshade’ and find out more on Instagram, Bandcamp and Facebook.

Friday, 13 July 2018


*Saturday 4th August * FREE ENTRY from 5pm * LIVE MUSIC/DJ SETS/MERCH&ZINE STALL*

On Saturday 4th August, running alongside the Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF 18). Imagination Engine, by invitation of Tees Music Alliance, take over The Green Room. We are to curate a showcase of local and regional, genre and medium spanning, cultural delights. Expect to experience an eclectic blend of mind-bending music and art.

The event boasts live performances by bands from Darlington, Sunderland, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Stockton-on-Tees. With DJ sets from friends and colleagues from local publications, promoters, record stores and labels. There will also be a band Merch&Zine stall.

Not only will the Merch&Zine stall feature local publications Point Blank Teesside and NE Volume,  but we’ll also have copies of a specially commissioned limited edition fanzine available too. Specific to these festivities the one off event zine features artistic and lyrical contributions from those on the event bill. Find it with the other fantastic fanzines, publications and band merchandise we have too.  

Feeling that friendly festival vibe we’ve reached out & put together an event of performances by specially invited guests. It’s FREE ENTRY from 5 so bring dancing shoes & your good times vibe..

Find the event on Facebook HERE

*cue the music

On the bill for you we have:

Sorry Escalator

“Retro psychedelic surfer vibes with biting lyrics that speak to the current political situation in the UK, but can also be applied to the craziness going on in the US.” (EclecticMusicLover).
“Alt rock built on post-punk verses with swirling MBV like guitars to the fore, gazes firmly set to shoes.” (Backseat Mafia).

Golden Age of Nothing

“a loud and noisy squall of prettiness sees the waltz of guitar and vocal interrupted by sporadic blasts of distortion” (NARC)

“a roller-coaster ride of sound, overlaid with creamy guitars and wailing sweeps of electric violin. And politically-driven lyrics” (NE Volume).

"Exotic sounding distortion and grinding vocals really give you a sense of screaming frustration." (Spotlight UK)

"Discordant rhythms, squealing warped solos and pleasingly down tempo outros."

No nonsense garage rock from Teesside.

Novyi Lef

Taking their name from a 1920's Russian art publication, NOVYI LEF deliver powerful, passionate, political synth-punk, via analogue synth squeals and danceable beats."
 Politically charged Punk(NARC)


Spotify   Facebook








The Green Room Online:

Our event runs in sync with the festivities going on at The Georgian Theatre. Where
The Shakin' Nightmares, Panda Lasagne, Dark Passenger, Little Doves & Head of Light Entertainment play on the hour. The LIVE performances in The Green Room hit the stage on the half hour. So with 30min sets going off in each of the venues from 5pm, you’ll have the best of both venues to benefit from.

Stockton International Riverside Festival Online


Tuesday, 3 July 2018


The glorious heat and summer sunshine aren’t the only things lighting up our Imaginations here at the nerve centre. With plenty going on and announcements to follow this week about our new artist and her forthcoming LP which we’ll release in September, we also have news on participation in SIRF 18 (line up reveal this Friday) and the launch of our new event EngineRoom@VoodoCafe with good friends Tracks.

EngineRoom will be a bi-monthly celebration of contemporary culture and creative communities (#words) with each event comprising three live performances from bands, three DJ sets from labels, promoters, friends and colleagues and a pop up gallery curated by a chosen artist. News on the launch party will be posted mid July.

With creativity and community in mind though, it is both our privilege and our pleasure to confirm that Imagination Engine (with the label boss being Durham born) will be sponsoring Durham City AFC’s left winger Liam Butler this season.

 We wish Liam, the players, physios, backroom staff, management, volunteers and faithful supporters, that keep this great community club alive and kicking, all the best for success in the season ahead. A season which we all hope will see the club promoted to Northern league Division 1, and who knows perhaps lifting the FA Vase. #UpTheCitizens

Find out more @ Durham City AFC.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Goodbye Twitter, Hello Insta..

Trump fatigue is an affliction that can affect any one of us, impacting at anytime, with less than optimal outcomes.

It is with this in mind that we've decided to ditch Twitter. It seems to us these days its an environment that is less than encouraging toward positive engagement and as a platform lacks the opportunity to be imaginative.

So we're leaving Donny and Rosey behind and firing up our Insta-Engine instead..

joins us for photo fun @ imaginationenginerecordings CHOO CHOO!! 

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Reimagine, Reignite, Relaunch.

Reimagine, Reignite, Relaunch.

Dearest Imagineers, we can confirm the label is indeed due to relaunch later this summer.
After an enforced deactivation due to the driver’s dicky ticker. We’re pleased to announce that both he, and we, have made a full recovery.  We’d like to sincerely thank those that supported us, not only for helping us get through, but also for their patience and kindness during a challenging phase of negative oscillation. 

After nearly a full year away some things have naturally evolved. We’ve some new members aboard and we’ve reimagined the way we represent artists. As part of our new format we’ll be engaging in a wider variety of projects from: label DJs performing sets at LIVE Gig/Venue/Festival events, promoting tours from artists whose music we release, as well as those we don’t, through to working closely on projects both local and international with artists, indie labels and promoters from the UK/EU & US.

With all that in mind, what we aren’t changing is the fact that we will continue, with a passionate heart, to release new independent music from across genres, that inspires our imagination engine, with the hope of inspiring yours.
News to follow on our next physical/digital split release and relaunch party..

Till next time..

Be seeing you…